SuperDrive add-on only works with MacBook Air

mb397_125_080115 In light of the fact that Apple’s “new” Remote Disc technology is looking to be little more than a network drive share, some people might be eyeing the $99 external SuperDrive add-on.

Well, guess what? It only works with the MacBook Air, even though it’s a USB drive.

According to Macenstein…

“For some reason, Apple has decided to hobble the MacBook Air SuperDrive. Despite being a USB device which should work with any Mac or even PC, it will only work with the MacBook Air. A call in to Apple has confirmed that the system requirements listed online are correct, and a MacBook Air is required to use the drive.”

I can safely quote the infamous David Puddy when I say, “This is bogus.” That’s just my opinion, though. And sure, you can vote with your wallet by either buying a different brand of external drive and/or you can choose to not lose any sleep over it by forgoing the purchase of a MacBook Air in the first place.

I just find this to be an odd choice on Apple’s behalf. Your thoughts, please.

WTF? MacBook Air SuperDrive can only be used with MacBook Air [Macenstein]