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MacBook AirHead: why Apple’s new laptop is basically useless


yum…. thin……
i want to put cheese spread on it and eat it up
is it flexi-thin?
looks like it’d just snap in two part (probably more)

oh wait, but we are talking about specs
One USB port?

CoverItLive responds: I iz sorry!

Jeff Crites

Today was a bust just about everywhere. It was like walking through hip deep syrup trying to get to the dang pancake. Except syrup in the offline world is good. Online, sucks.

Toshiba introduces new marketing strategy for HD DVD

Marc M.

Yes, go HD DVD! HD DVD FTW!!! I won’t give up on you HD DVD you and I have made way to many found memories together, I’ll hold onto you until you slip away into the eternity of dark and loneliness known as the victorious scream of bluray.