NBA 2 Go: Get Charged For What's Already On The Web

nba2go.pngThe NBA has released a new subscription based mobile downloadable application, NBA 2 Go, for tracking teams and games right on your phone. The application is powered by Hands On Mobile. While the NBA already has a mobile site that provides live scoring, stats, and photos. However, the new application gives you a bit more content and customization that you get from their mobile site. But all of these features are already available on the web.

As is my feeling with most of these paid mobile applications, their added value is just not worth the cost for most of us. While the cost of NBA 2 Go varies by carrier, most of these types of applications cost $2.99 to $9.99 a month. However, buying an unlimited data plan and bookmarking a couple key sites will ensure you get your sports fix until you reach your nearest computer or TV.

If for some reason you don’t have that kind of time, you can get the NBA 2 Go by texting NBA2Go to MYNBA (69622). It will unlock some extra features that you can’t get on your most mobile browsers right now. NBA 2 Go feeds you live game updates and recap videos (although they don’t work on all phones). On the customization side, the app streamlines your browsing experience by letting you track specific teams and players you care about.

The specifications for the phones NBA 2 Go work with are somewhat of a mystery. They don’t specify what phones it works with other than that video won’t necessarily work. After texting MYNBA for the app, I only received a cryptic “NBA 2 Go is coming soon for your phone”, which is a rather commonplace Sprint Katana.