Attn SimulScribe: Don't do crack, it's a ghetto drug

SimulScribe, a provider of voicemail-to-text services, must be smoking the nasty because they just put out a press release that sounds like something out of a “Poor PR Tactics 101.” It seems Paul Giamatti got into an accident in a cab. He was standing next to a SimulScribe advertisement, looking sad. Then SimulScribe decided to give him and his family and the taxi driver whose cab he was in free SimulScribe subscriptions.

“When we saw the image of Paul Giamatti in front of one of our taxi cab
advertisements we felt it was an ironic juxtaposition of the situation and
the tagline “It sucks, it really sucks,”” said James Siminoff, founder and
CEO of SimulScribe. “We thought it would be nice to offer a free account to
everyone involved in the accident to generate some good feelings this New

Yeah. Exactly. Ummm… yeah.