OLPC coming to America, misses Intel's loving arms


The OLPC is setting up base in DC and looking to get their low cost laptops into the hands of America’s youth based on three major factors. I never knew patriotism had anything to do with empowering youth with the Internet, but that’s one reason the OLPC is coming to America. By bringing the project stateside, they’ll be building ‘critical mass’ as the development community will explode here. The last factor should be the first, in my opinion, and that is to connect children in America and those in developing countries to help broaden their horizons.

On another note, the OLPC says they would welcome Intel back with loving arms if the two parties can settle some differences.

“It was very unfortunate what happened with Intel and I hope there’s a way of rebuilding it in the future because there’s no interest in OLPC pushing Intel out. It just is not in our interest. Our goal is to get this to as many children as possible,” said Nicholas Negroponte, chairman of OLPC, in an interview.

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