Smoker Bell: A place where smokers can comfortably enjoy their death sticks


Few things annoy me more than coming home from bar or club or whatever and having the smell of smoke on my clothes. (Walking behind a smoker on a windy day is also infuriating.) It’s a noxious, inhumane smell. I had to get my jacket dry cleaned last week because, apparently, smoking in bars is still 100 percent legal in Queens, NY. Personally, I think we should just ban smoking outright, not least because it inconveniences me, but there’s plenty of health concerns.

Smokers, rather than contaminate good, decent people with your awful habit, please feel free to turn this concept, the Smoker Bell, into a real product. It’s supposed to help you “remain cozy and relaxed even while outside smoking.” Good for y’all.

Want to step outside for a smoke? [Yanko Design]