Slacker Player: It's here at CES, lighter than I thought

So I groped the Slacker Portable last night. I’ve been hard on Slacker about how delayed its portable player has been. First it was supposed to be here by the end of the summer, then it was supposed to be here in December, then it got delayed again until the end of January. I hope it launches in the end of January like it’s supposed to because I don’t think it’ll be able to survive another delay.

The player itself is pretty nice — much, much lighter than I thought. The device I had in my hands isn’t the finished version, though, so there might still be some things missing from its innards.


There was another interesting player on the Slacker table from Logitech. Logitech has been adding Slacker support to many of its more recent Internet radio and streaming audio devices, so look for more and more of these to come out over the coming months. This one (I’m pretty sure) won’t handle direct to device downloads like the Slacker Portable. Rather, it’ll transfer music from your computer’s Slacker player software and stream it or transfer it, depending on whether or not it’s got built-in storage.