CES 2008: Nyko's wireless video game console accessories includes wireless Wii nunchuck adapter


Product Name: Nyko Wireless Nunchuck, Charge Base 360 and Frontman wireless guitar controller
Description: The Wireless Nunchuck eliminates the wire between the Wii controller and the nunchuck attachment; the Charge Base 360 wireless charges the included battery for the Xbox 360; the Frontman is a wireless guitar for the Wii (and PS3 and PS2) that works with the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games. Everything’s wireless!
Price: The Nunchuck is $30; the Charge Base is $30; the Frontman (Wii version) is $50
In-store date: Nunchuck comes out Q1 2008; Charge Base is Q1 2008; and Frontman’s release date is mysteriously not listed…
Site: Nyko
Why it’s cool: Because Nyko makes the console accessories that you really want to use. The Wireless Nunchuck, for example, just makes sense; why it’s not wireless to begin with I’ll never know.