LG debuts 24 LCD HDTVs at Vegas, 720p/1080i slowly going away


LG opens up this year’s CES with several new LCD HDTVs—the entry level LG30 series to the top level LG75 series—ranging in size from 19 to 52 inches; 17 of the 24 (!) models are 1080p. (My quick advice: stay away from anything that’s not 1080p from now on.) Several of the top models feature 120MHz technology, which gives images a “video”-like, almost 3D quality. It’s definitely something you have to see in person to appreciate.

LG is making a big deal over a couple features here. First, the top-of-the-line models all have 1.7-inch LCD panels—”super slim” in marketing talk. The speakers have been redesigned as well, lowering their visibility and allowing for a more “uninterrupted” bezel of sorts. (Good, because most built-in speakers stink on ice; get real ones if you’re buying an HDTV.) The top model is also LED backlit.

Twenty four new TVs and not a price tag in sight. I guess the big story here is that the days of 720p/1080i are coming to an end. Come next year, I wouldn’t be surprised if that lesser resolution is relegated to entry level, budget TVs. And you don’t want to buy one of those.