High-Def Heaven: Panasonic, SiBEAM, and WirelessHD

Panasonic WirelessHD system
Product Name: Wireless High-Def Connectivity
Description: Panasonic announced a partnership with SiBEAM to create the first wireless high-definition HDTV system based on the WirelessHD standard. The system comprises a plasma TV set, a receiver, and a movable rack into which you can shove a Blu-ray player or HD-DVD if it still exists by the end of the week or HD camcorder. It’ll use SiBEAM’s line-of-sight transmission technology to beam the high-def AV signal over the 60GHz frequency, and if you block the beam, it’ll quickly seek out another path to avoid interruption.

Price:Not yet set.
In-store date:Not yet set.
Site:www.panasonic.com, www.sibeam.com
Why it’s cool: I hate wires, but I love HDTV. This is a no-brainer. Of course, this’ll be competing with Westinghouse’s and LG’s wireless HDTV systems… We’ll just have to wait and see which is the most reliable.