Best Buy guys caught switching up merchandise in theft ring


We’ve heard tales of people buying electronics, getting them home, and opening them just to find, well, not what they’d purchased. It’s been suggested that store employees had been swinging the ol’ switcharoo, and now a trio of thieving associates at a Best Buy in New Jersey (natch) have been caught red-handed doing just such unlawful misdeedery.

Michael Lombardozzi, Jose Caraballo, and Randy Bille have all three been implicated in a fairly straight-forward scheme I like to call “put a MacBook in a Toaster Oven box and buy it as a Toaster Oven.” But they got caught and are facing a variety of charges.

And now we have legal evidence this does happen, so maybe it’s time we all start video taping out unboxings, to give us ammo when we make the inevitable exchange back at the store?

Best Buy Employees Busted For Switching Items Inside Boxes [The Cosumerist]