Gentlemen, start your nüvis. Garmin's new GPS line-up looks smashing

There’s something for everybody from Garmin this year at CES. It’s hard to compare the feature sets and sizes from the descriptions at Garmin’s site, but the different devices have pretty distinct personalities.

Of course there’s the flagship, the 880, which probably costs an arm and a leg but has extremely robust capabilities, many of which however are shared by its brethren.

The 5000 is the Big Daddy, with a 5.2-in touchscreen, so it’s good for your nearsighted grandpa. Hopefully the same grandpa that just won the lottery, since this beast costs $800.

The 780 is their mid-range offering, the Subaru of GPS devices everyone can agree on and maybe even afford.

The 260W is my choice, the simplest and smallest of all of them. I don’t particularly need “enhanced movie listings” or gas prices from the nearest 80 stations.

We’ll have more info on these when we get our hands on them next week, so stay tuned.

Garmin’s CES 2008 Products Showcase