The Apple Keynote Index Fund

Ever wish your parents invested in IBM way back when it was still hot? Well here’s a way to make some quick and easy money in tech without having to rent out your body. If you buy Apple stock (MSFT… OK… APPL) the day before the MacWorld keynote (this year it’s on January 15th at 9am) and sell it 48 hours later, you’re almost guaranteed a small win. This, however, does not make a good investment strategy.

It’s a risky proposition to act as a daytrader with Apple stock around the Steve Jobs keynote regardless of what rumored devices are on the horizon, but the lesson I’m taking away from it is that buying and holding is the definite winner. Of course, without a time machine to travel back to 1997, continued growth for the next ten years may not meet the 52x growth seen in the past ten years.

Again, don’t take this as investment advice because with my luck you’ll invest $10 million and Steve will announce he is now a monk and Apple will only sell bamboo alms bowls.

Project Page via BBG