BlackBerry 9000 revealed, major disappointment?


It appears the rumored touchscreen BB is just a myth if you believe what first time poster Cooper over at BB Forums has to say. This photo was purportedly taken in Waterloo at the RIM campus. The 9xxx line won’t see a touchscreen for a long time and it seems as though it’s a myth internally, too according to Coops. I have a hard time swallowing this one. If anything, this looks like a redesign of the Curve. A couple characteristics of this particular RIM device stand out; its rounded corners and keyboard. The photo also appears in an eBay auction located in Texas so that is a testament to Cooper’s credibility or lack there of. The backwards B is also a clear indicator.

He/she goes on to give tid bits about 3G devices and HTML e-mail being tested. Whether they will appear on the 9xxx line or not is up for debate and will allegedly be coming out in six to eight months.

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