Photos of Pentax K200D surface?


PMA is about a month away so the rumor mill is slowly building steam. The K100D has been cleared from Pentax’s site and I can see why the K200D would replace it, but the Super hasn’t been around a year so I don’t see it disappearing. It’s safe to say that the K100D’s replacement is coming, but the photos of the K200D look pretty fake. They look sloppy. The grip looks shaved down, which is going to suck because that’s one of the great things about the current line. The card access lamp has been taken from below the Fn button to the top of the four-way controller. It just seems stupid to do that. The lens unlock button is a full circle as opposed to a half moon. The rest of the controls look the same. The addition of RAW on the fly would be amazing. There’s a weird button next to the shutter release. Check the photos for yourself.





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