WSU students will get discounted TiVos and be hooked for life

I wonder if they’ll be shipping out little samples of crack with those DVRs – because in my experience, people who go TiVo rarely go back, and when you only need to lay out $125 for a year’s worth of services, tuner included. Because these kids weren’t watching enough TV already. Actually it’s pretty much good for everyone who goes for it; you don’t have to miss your quiz just to catch the season finale of “House.” Here’s a tip, you whippersnappers: why don’t you TiVo yourself a book? Dag nabbit! Go Huskies.  (edit: Yes, I’m rooting for UW even though this post is about WSU, what about it?)

Housing Services to offer TiVo to WSU housing residents [Daily Evergreen Online, via PVR Blog]