Apple readying for iTunes Tagging-HD Radio push


Announced back in September, iTunes Tagging is a way for listeners of HD Radio to take a song they’ve heard on the radio, mark it with the appropriate metadata (that’s then synced to your iPod), then download the song from the iTunes Store after connecting their iPod to their computer. I’ve completely make a mess of that sentence, but you know what I mean to say. Now we’re hearing word that Apple will be making a big push at January’s MacWorld for stereos and boomboxes that work with iTunes Tagging. Apple says it’s a way for non-satellite radio stations to get into the digital music age. Because, you know, I always wanted to hear radio ads for the local car dealership in the highest quality possible.

So far, manufacturers committed to building iTunes Tagging-compatible radios include Sony, Griffin and Cambridge Soundworks.

Apple readying HD Radio push for Macworld [iLounge]