MPillow: mood-setting part pillow, part speaker


See, I’m more into this type of technology nowadays rather than touchscreens or gigahertz or other “hard” implementations of tech. Named the MPillow (designed by Ozgur Tasar, Per Arlander and Madlene Linstrom), this pillow has a built-in speaker and can tune into wirelessly streamed music (via Bluetooth, presumably, it doesn’t really say), helping to set “the mood,” so to speak. Additionally, it dynamically changes color in response to the music being played, which must look, at the very least, pretty neat when you’ve got certain Ministry of Sound albums playing.

No price or release date, if ever, is listed. Mind the blurry photographs on Yanko; that lighting does look rather tricky to handle.

Music to Your Ears [Yanko Design]