O2 winning big in Europe because of iPhone


European telecomm O2 is expecting 200,000 iPhone sold in the UK by the end of the year while analysts expect up to 400,000 in the next few months. It’s this news that buoyed O2’s hopes in Europe and made everyone — including big Steve — purdy happy. The real takeaway, however, is that O2 will be carrying the 3G iPhone in Europe.

O 2 has signed a multi-year deal with Apple for the iPhone and Mr Key insists Vodafone, for example, could not muscle in and take the 3G iPhone in the UK.

I’m sure Vodafone or T-Mo could grab the contract if they wanted to, but I suspect the iPhone will go unlocked in its next gen form, ensuring everybody gets to try that sweet, sweet Apple pie.

iPhone take-up the key as O2 targets Europe [FT]