FBI crime database info to be shared with your boss?

santa The FBI of the USA is busy building the world’s largest photo database of people’s faces, fingerprints, and palm prints.

It’ll be used for crime fighting and terrorist wrangling but it can also be used as part of a plan "under which employers could ask the FBI to keep employees’ fingerprints in the database, subject to state privacy laws, so that if that employees are ever arrested or charged with a crime, the employers would be notified," according to the Washington Post.

Sounds fun, huh? Your boss will know all about your DUI from last weekend and, who knows, maybe someday you’ll get let go because of something you did outside of work. I can see the point as it pertains to high-security type jobs and big-boy crimes but we’ll see if and to what extent this system gets used by regular companies.

FBI Prepares Vast Database Of Biometrics [Washington Post]