Prisoners, meet the body orifice security scanner


Acronyms are fun. In light of that fact, I’m pleased and honored to tell you about the BOSS. It stands for body orifice security scanner. It’s an almost-$13,000 security chair being tested in UK prisons to deter the smuggling of cell phones.

We’ve all watched prison shows and we’re all well aware that small items can be stashed in places that are normally used most frequently after the first half-sip of coffee in the morning but I had no idea that you could fit an entire cell phone up there.

I’d assume that the phones are small, like maybe the Samsung Juke or the Samsung Beat but who knows, maybe some of the heftier individuals could smuggle in an iPhone or two. At any rate, that’s hopefully all going to come to an end (no pun intended), at least until enterprising prisoners find a way to beat the system.

The BOSS is "a mobile chair with three sensitive sensors which can detect metal items as small as a pin or paper clip when they are hidden on or inside an individual." There are two of these chairs currently in use and they’ve detected 21 phones since last April. Apparently phones are used in prison for drug-running and across England, about 400 phones per month are seized by prison officials.

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