In-flight calling is a go, oh noes!


JetBlue loosed the first domestic in-flight Wi-Fi service just the other week, but how about in-flight calling? It’s bad enough when there are crying babies, loud snoring, talkers who lack inside voices and the engine noise itself. It just got worse, folks. In-flight calling is upon us. It’s far from coming to the States, but you should still be aware of this.

Air France and OnAir have announced that the first Airbus 318 is set to fly the friendly skies and annoy. Luckily for us, the first three months of the six month trial will be limited to SMS and e-mail. The latter half of the trial will allow calls, but only above 10,000 feet. But chances are people are going to bitch and moan about this and it’ll probably be nixed from the trial. OnAir has a bundled cell carrier that includes Orange, Bouyges Telecom and SFR. Calls will be about $2.50 per minute. This is going to suck.

First In-Flight Calling Finally Launched by Air France [Wi-Fi Net News]