♫ Deck The Halls With Google Gadgets… ♫

googxmas.jpgAnother day, another Google announcement, and this one fits right in to the silly season. Google is offering Christmas themed gadgets for Google Desktop and iGoogle users who want to spruce up their desktops with holiday kitsch.

According to Google:

You can decorate a Christmas tree, listen to music, exchange ornaments with a friend, count down to the New Year, and more. They look right at home on your desktop, or you can put them in the Google Desktop sidebar or your iGoogle home page.

But wait, these aren’t just ordinary gadgets!

Take the Christmas Tree gadget, for instance. When you start it up, it’s a simple tree with gently falling snow. With a few clicks you can add ornaments wherever you like. If you find the animated precipitation distracting, you can hide the snowflakes.

HoHoHo and someone pour me a drink. More details on the Google Desktop Blog here.