Who needs data cables?

Sort of like this, but not.

Who needs data cables to transfer files from your computer to your PMP when your body can do the same thing? You won’t have to worry about losing or packing that cable ever again. I have not lost my mind and this is a reality, folks. NTT, the Japanese telecom monster, has successfully transmitted MP3s through the human body.

Now a handful of Korean organizations are working to transmit data through the body with speeds up to 10Mbps. Of course, our bodies require a significant amount of energy to do such a task because our resistance to electricity is much higher than that of copper. It seems to be in its infant stages, but a standard must be adopted by everyone to ensure the methods by which data is transmitted is universal. You surely don’t want your printer getting confused by what the other side of your body that’s touching the PC is sending, do you?

Koreans Researching Human Body as Data Cable [Chosun Ilbo]