Verizon Updates LG Voyager Firmware

voyager The LG Voyager’s firmware has been upgraded. Know what doesn’t need to be upgraded? The girl’s pony from the Verizon commercials. I wonder how she’s doing with her new pony, besides being an ungrateful brat that wants a cell phone instead of a pony. She probably asked for both and then just started pouting when she only got a pony. So the pony bites and you’re obviously getting too old for a pony, who the hell cares? You have your own pony!

Anyway, the firmware improves battery life, Bluetooth connections, and includes some enhancements to the web browser as well as fixing a bunch of little glitches here and there. Has anyone upgraded this phone and would you care to share your experience with the rest of the group? If you want to upgrade your phone, you’ll have to take it to your neighborhood Verizon location. Tell them Doug from CrunchGear sent you — that oughta be interesting.

Verizon Updates LG Voyager Firmware []