Flashmobbers stage iPod dance party in Texas capitol


The whole flashmob thing is so 2005, but that didn’t stop 50 iPod owners in Austin, Texas, from organizing one with a simple, yet fun-sounding, goal: iPod dance party in the capitol building.

The kids converged at the set time and each rocked out with their earbuds in, janky dancing to whatever it was they liked.

I’m not sure how I feel about the idea, actually. At a club, you can hit on a girl by shouting over the music, but what’s the etiquette when they’re iPoding? Do you motion that they remove their earbuds? Or share yours? It sounds gross.

And I swear that’s the “You’re getting a Dell!” dude in the background.

iPod dance party lends something new to Capitol: actual fun [The Statesman]