CG Holiday Recommendation: Denon AVR-2808CI

Good A/V receivers ain’t cheap and such it should be no surprise that the 2808CI will set you you back $1,200. And yet, the price is vaguely surprising due to how affordable it is compared to other high end models.

The 2808CI packs in every feature you could possibly want from an A/V receiver, including 1080p up-sampling, DTS neo 6, neural sound, Dolby Pro Logic IIx and about a dozen other features that you need in your life to debatable degrees.

The only downside is that the receiver only supports two HDMI devices. This will hinder many in the future and is already holding me back (Xbox 360, HD DVD and cable receiver are all HDMI). Regardless, it’s bounty of other features (yes I just said “bounty,” what about it? It’s still a perfectly acceptable word in the 21st century.) that will keep you happy for years to come.

Denon AVR-2808CI