A note to pederasts: Install your own PC hardware

In 2004 an unsuspecting pederast by the name of Kenneth Sodomsky brought his computer to Circuit City to have a DVD burner installed. While the techs were installing the drive they, for some reason, “routinely” ran a search of video files to ensure that the drive was working properly. Upon searching, the tech discovered videos of unclothed teenage boys. Cops were called, Sodomsky was arrested.

The defendant said that the search was a violation of privacy and a lower court agreed with him, but an appeal was made and the Pennsylvania Superior Court decided that because Sodomsky voluntarily handed over his system and because the search was “routine,” laws were violated in discovering the file.

Now, unless you’re a member of NAMBLA, you’re likely to agree that kiddie porn is a bad thing. The questions I have are who the hell actually pays to get computer components installed? And why would a DVD burner require a routine search for video files?

It feels like a lack of technical knowledge on both sides of the law have led to Sodomsky’s inalienable rights being alienated — even if he is a pederast.

Court: Privacy no defense when Circuit City finds child porn