Verizon gets its hands on Palm Treo 755p

The Palm OS device has found its way to Verizon Wireless, the carrier announced today. It runs version 5.4.9 of the OS and operates on Verizon’s acceptably speedy EV-DO network. Unlike Sprint’s red and blue versions, the Verizon 755p will come in a dark metallic blue-green shell.

For some crazy reason, Verizon has decided to price the device ridiculously high. Even with a two year contract, it costs $400. This is in stark contrast to the $250 tag it runs with on Sprint.

I’m not really sure what Verizon is thinking with this price point and regardless, but is anyone getting tired of EV-DO devices yet? I know it’s the best thing we have going right now, but WiMAX and LTE are just around the corner (well like 12 months). Straight 3G is just starting to feel so anticlimactic.

Verizon Wireless And Palm Announce The Arrival Of The Treo 755p Smartphone