Sony sells more PS2s than PS3s in November (and that's not as bad as you may think)


Maybe people just really love the PS2? How else could you explain November’s sales numbers, which saw the PS2 sell 496,000 units vs. the PS3’s 466,000? (The Wii, despite the shortage, sold 981,000 and the 360 sold 770,000.)

Actually, I wonder if Sony cares as much (that the PS2 outsold the PS3) as the inflammatory headlines you’re likely to see suggest. At this point, selling PS2s must be as close to pure profit as any company can get. Further more, all those PS2s still being sold probably help offset the money lost on every PS3 sold. To the armchair pundits who only see “PS2 sold more than PS3, lolz,” well, maybe there’s a reason they’re only armchair pundits.

Or put another way, would Sony prefer to be selling no PS2s at all? Optimally, they’d be selling 962,000 PS3s, but in lieu of that, a couple PS2s sold can’t be all that bad.

But what do I know.

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