True GPS on the iPhone – all you need is a Triscuit-sized add-on

gps_proto2.jpgSome slick gadget masters over at the part foundry have gotten GPS functionality working quite flawlessly on the iPhone. They’ve hacked together the hardware, which is mainly just a GPS unit and a microcontroller, and it plugs right into the serial port of your iPhone. It’s small enough to fit on your keychain, and when they ship it in February you won’t even need to solder anything – it’ll be packaged up real pretty-like. Furthermore, they’ve written a little program that polls the GPS satellite (after its warmed up) at up to once every second – that gives you your latitude and longitude, which you can send to Google Maps with a single touch. Sounds pretty sweet, and they’re even doing it all open source. Check out the video in the link.

iPhone GPS module at the part foundry

Curt at the part foundry has informed us that the locoGPS unit will also work with the iPod Touch. Sweet.