More details about the CompUSA store closings


So your neighborhood computer superstore is going away, huh? You know, some say that after we die a quick and tragic death, our soul lingers around if it’s not quite ready to cross over to the next plane of existence. So you may very well catch a hint of CompUSA the next time you’re in Micro Center or even Best Buy. Maybe a delicate whiff of register ink or a deeply discounted printer cable — whatever the case may be, you’ll get little reminders that hey, CompUSA may not be here in our physical world any more, but it’ll always be around.

Anyhoo, here’s some info about what’s happening with the closings. Basically, if you have an extended warranty, it’ll still be covered by a company called Assurant Solutions, gift cards should be used as soon as possible and won’t be exchanged for cash or credit, and no new rain checks will be issued but those previously issued will be honored.

Furthermore, all CompUSA rebates issued before December 12th will be honored and all manufacturer rebates will be honored regardless of their date of issue since they’re handled directly by the manufacturers themselves. All sales after December 12th are considered final and CompUSA will be honoring the current ad’s prices until the end of the day today. Finally, all products that have been brought in for servicing in the tech shop will be fixed and returned to their rightful owners.

And as someone who used to work in the tech shop at CompUSA, I can tell you that some of those techs are overworked and underpaid and I hope they find great jobs. It’s thankless work sometimes but it’s great experience if you like working on computers. I always told anybody who wanted to run their own in-home computer support business to go work in the tech shop at CompUSA for six months and you’d see all there is to see.

So now my hat is off to all the CompUSA employees who have worked so hard for so long. I know it’s a tough company to work for sometimes but I personally made some great friends there and I think (hope) I can speak for everyone here when I sincerely wish you the best of luck.

CompUSA Consumer Help [] via Crave