Wii stolen from senior center in Spokane, Washington

angry Oh come on. This is terrible.

"Seniors at the Lilac Plaza Retirement Home in North Spokane sold recipe books to raise money to buy a Nintendo Wii," according to news station KXLY.

How great is that? Old folks rolling up their sleeves to raise money to buy a video game console that’ll bring near-limitless joy to their otherwise mundane daily routine.

After only a month, the Wii was stolen. Stolen. "People that live in the home say the Wii kept them entertained and active, and with limited incomes, and a limited supply, some are worried the game will never be replaced," says KXLY.

That’s very sad. I know how I’d feel if someone stole my Wii. I can’t imagine how upset these people must be right now.

Christmas Grinch targets senior center [KXLY.com] via Go Nintendo