Assassin's Creed selling like hotcakes

videogame_assassin.jpgUbisoft makes killer games and there’s no doubt about that so is it any wonder that Assassin’s Creed is boosting the French publisher’s sales outlook for 2007-08? It’s sold more than 2.5 million copies in under four weeks and Ubi expects to sell at least five million, which is two more than they expected. Really, Ubi? You didn’t think it was going to sell that well? I sure as heck wasn’t going to wait around for Prince of Persia. That was fun when I was, like, five. AC blows that out of the water. Sure, it’s no Halo 3 in terms of sales, but it’s doing a darn good job of flying off the shelves for a game with no cult following. Time for me to take a break and play some more AC.

Assassin’s Creed Passes 2.5 Million Sold; Ubisoft Raises Guidance [Game Daily]