Yet another 3G phone surfaces for 3g-less T-Mobile

sammy.jpgNow this is just getting silly. Samsung has a new phone very similar to the Blast that just cleared the FCC. The dual-band GSM phone purportedly also features dual-band WCDMA, or, as we call it, 3G connectivity. By itself, that’s nothing, but in the leaked FCC cert pics, you’ll notice T-Mobile’s myFaves logo on the back.

This would be the third 3G phone offered by T-Mobile in the last couple of months, despite the pesky fact that it has no 3G network available yet.

We have to assume that this means the rumors that T-Mo is standing by to launch its 3G network are solidifying, and we’re stoked for the Mo. But when will it happen? We still don’t know, but it’s looking like any day could be the day.

Official Info Samsung T819 [Cell phone signals forums]