Breaking: iPhone, Apple TV to receive updates in 2008


If rumors from Apple Insider are to be taken as truth, next year will see two new iPhones from Apple. The first will be a minor upgrade, likely nothing more than a storage bump from 8GB to 16GB, matching the iPod touch.

Later in the year, though, will see the iPhone 2, which will offer the lacking 3G and likely have an updated design. To both of these, we must give a qualified “No duh”.

In addition, the Apple TV, a fantastic device that Apple seems to have forgotten it makes, will be updated, likely with an LCD display. While we don’t see the need for that, more storage seems a natch, so there’s no news there either.

In summary, in 2008 Apple will update stuff. The end.

Second-gen iPhone in final phase; Apple TV update planned – report [Apple Insider]