Going into the jungle with your iPhone? Ruggedize the sucker

ifr.jpgIf you absolutely must traverse the Amazon with your iPhone, you should probably do something about keeping it, you know, dry and clean, that sort of thing. I don’t think waterproofing was on the feature list. Well, H20 Audio has the solution: this pretty cool-looking iPhone case. It’s impact and “element” resistant, though I’m not sure if that refers to weather, the mystical elements, or possibly Photoshop Elements. I don’t think this lets you take it in the bath (it says “sweat proof,” and I doubt they anticipated quite that much sweat) but it will protect it from pretty much everything else – my iPod is still alive because of one of these “ruggedized” cases. It’ll set you back 40 american dollars, but if you’ve got the scratch to buy an iPhone, you’ve probably got a few Grants lying around. What, you don’t call $50 bills “Grants”? Get with it!

Ruggedized/Sweat Proof iPod Armor [H20 Audio, via iLounge]