Exclusive: Western Digital sets the record straight on DRM fiasco

mionetlogo.jpgI just got off the phone with Western Digital’s Director of Marketing for MioNet, Brian Miller, and I picked his brain about some of the DRM backlash going around.

Sometime last week The Reg was breaking news that Western Digital’s My Book storage drives were crippling the transfer of media files over the network. Of course, you can still transfer photos and documents, but, yes, you cannot transfer music or movie files. We can all point the finger at WD and say, “that’s messed up and I don’t like you anymore”. But that is neither necessary or relevant to the situation. You see, the problem, if you want to call it that, lies within the third party software, MioNet. The physical drives themselves are not at fault.

It’s all still being sorted out and you can’t expect a relatively new player for this arena to allow users to steal music and videos. If it’s copyrighted then leave it at that. Just burn it to a CD/DVD and inter-office it. Or bring an external and do it directly from the source. Ya dig? At least WD listened to customers needs about wanting to share photos and documents. Give them some time and let them work out the software before you go chastising them. Their hardware is solid.