Creative inventor patents perpetual magnetic motion machine


Finally someone out there is standing up against big oil and trying to make a difference. Andy Abolafia has create the Static Field Converter, a device “that converts the energy in permanent magnets into useable electrical energy.” Best of all, it can be used to power hydrogen converters to power cars, Segways, space planes, and even cybernetic helper robots a la Johnny 5 or Gyrorobo.

Andy has been interviewed in numerous places including Virginia and Illinois and was found to be a great interview and he “\gave the listeners something different.”

“Why has no one else in the world discovered this?” Andrew replied “Some people can create beautiful music, others great works of art. Ever since I can remember, including when I was 23 and working on my first patent, I was able to create original, practical technology. There were men working with me who had a lifetime of experience that tried to invent new technology but just couldn’t do it. I don’t really know how or why I can create original, practical technology. I only know that somehow, like artists and composers, I look at a technical problem and I just get it.”

You, too, can “get it” at and we’ll try to get an interview with Andy this week. It should be interesting.