Panasonic HDTVs + Panasonic Blu-ray players = Hot holiday bundles

panasonicbd_250.gifIf you’re in the market for some serious home theater action, Panasonic, of all companies, has just announced a bundle worth looking into. Starting next week, retailers will be selling Panasonic plasma HDTVs bundled with Panasonic Blu-ray players at a discounted cost. If you’re in the Blu-ray camp, this might be the time to take the plunge.

Of course, if you’re not married to name brands, you can get less famous brands of both for much cheaper than these bundles will likely cost. Olevia comes to mind for the TV, and there are discount Blu-ray players hitting the market, so it might be worth it to invent your own bundle.

But, if you’re like most Americans, you want the name brand action, and this is a way for Panasonic to really up its marketshare.

It was also announced that Panasonic would launch two new players next month, but there weren’t any real details, so we’ll have to fill you in on that later.

Panasonic to bundle Blu-ray with Plasma TVs [TV Predictions]