Gift VC games to your Wii Pals


Nintendo, I love you, I really do. I’ve been a fan since Day 1. Well, at least from what I remember. You were my first game console and I still play Tetris and get extremely giddy when others have a working NES console. But you’re sort of screwing up these days. Pulling your Wii ads doesn’t detract from the fact that Wiis are still hard to find. You’ve had an entire year to figure it out. Don’t you have a warehouse full of them just for the holidays? You’re doing great so far and kicking the tails of both Xbox 360 and PS3.

Which makes me wonder why you’re releasing a gifting feature today. What if my friends don’t have a Wii? Sure, they said they want one and I assumed they’d have one by now, but they don’t. But for everyone else that does have one, gift away. This is actually a pretty neat feature and while I’m not the biggest Wii Shop Channel addict like I am with QVC, I can see this being a hit amongst Wii-sters. The service goes live later on today.

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