50 Cent understands why people file share, says they're OK with him

There are swear words in this video. Surprise.

Among other things, like running New York and making money off flavored water, 50 Cent understands what it’s like to have to steal to survive. To that end, he doesn’t fault young music fans for downloading music. In fact, in a recent interview in Oslo (a hip-hop haven), the P.I.M.P. said “a young fan may be just as devout and dedicated no matter if he bought it or stole it.”

Mr. Cent also scolded the suits in the music industry, saying “what is important for the music industry to understand is that this really doesn’t hurt the artists.”

Look at that, not only is Curtis “OK” with file sharing, but he, too, knows that the RIAA’s “starving artist” yarn is fake fake fake. Look at him: he get[s] money, even with rampant file sharing.

50 Cent: File-Sharing Doesn’t Hurt Artists, Industry Should Adapt [TorrentFreak]