Sprint's Wimax initiative could mean death of 'regular' cellphone service


Since when did Sprint become part of the technological avant garde? Its investment in WiMax, what it’s branding Xohm, is beginning to pay off, with the company rolling out the wireless broadband service in D.C., Baltimore and Chicago in the coming weeks. Speeds of 2-5mbps are expected, which is more or less the typical home broadband speed, but the expected range for the signal is now around 3-5 miles, down from the original predictions of 30 miles.

But how about this: with broadband everywhere, wouldn’t it be conceivable for companies to make VoIP cellphones without the “cell” part?VoIP-only phones, usable anywhere and everywhere? Maybe throw in a little Android action and you could well have yourself a truly decent phone.

Wouldn’t that be nice, a decent phone without having to deal with the stupid phone companies?

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