CG Holidays 2007 Recommendation: Optomo DX625 HD video projector


Don’t let my 37-inch LCD HDTV fool you. When you want a real cinematic experience, there’s something special about watching it projected. For Tuesday night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, I watched it in HD on a 60-inch whiteboard, as projected by a Optoma DX625 HD video projector. The picture was crystal clear, and bright as you’d want. The projector itself fits in a lunch box, including cables, and retails for around $800.

What’s really great, though, is the ease of use. The menus are super swift to go through with the push of a button. There aren’t a lot of things to change, it will automagically project what you’re putting into it, up to 1080i.

For the price, it’s cheaper than an HDTV of equivalent size, and you can put it under the couch when not in use. Check them out if you can.