Breaking: American Airlines to offer Wi-Fi service next year; takes lead as first totally not-crappy airline

aviatorlaptopstand.jpgWe got a tip that something cool is about to hit. I keep saying that the “no electronic devices on airplanes” thing is crap, and American Airlines, it seems, is seeing my point of view. Starting next year, transcontinental 767-200s will be equipped with Wi-Fi and broadband access via Aircell, who has a similar deal in place with Virgin Airlines. The technology has been around for awhile, and I must say “It’s about damned time.”

It’s a pilot program for now (heh), but if successful, it could ripple through to all of American’s planes. What’s great is AA is offering the service for free. In a world where airlines must charge for a second package of pretzels, they’re giving you Wi-Fi for free 10 bucks a pop. Thank heavens, and thanks American.

More as we hear.