Verizon to add hella on-demand HD content to FiOS service

verizon-fios.jpgIf you live in a neighborhood serviced by Verizon’s FiOS, you should send them a fruitcake for Xmas. Or cookies. Or something, as FiOS is expected to have a library of over 1000 shows and movies on-demand in HD by the end of next year, much of it free.

This is troubling to cable TV providers, as they’ve traditionally been the monopoly in the HD delivery marketplace. While it’s still uncertain what the FCC will say on that subject, the fact is Internet providers mike make cable TV redundant. Super IPTV to the home at breakneck data rates? Ok! Thanks, Verizon!

HD Video-on-Demand Now Playing on Verizon FiOS TV [Press release]