GeekBrief.TV #269

We’re swinging into holiday gadget giving season by leaving our comfort zone and talking about cool tools for this year’s yule. The first one I saw on, of all things, a TV commercial. It’s called the Accu Mark Gecko Grip Level and it’s designed to help us hang art and shelving straight without a hassle. Then we move on to one that could work as a stocking stuffer. The Magnetic Finger keeps your screws, nails, nuts and bolts right where you need them, when you need them.

The Oval Walking Light is an obvious good idea. It sends bright LED light in two directions–to the front and down at your feet. I didn’t say it in the show because I’ve been asked not to, but…very nice! If you’re a geek who takes road trips you have to have a power inverter. The Cupholder Power Converter is a great design. We also featured a motorized lightbulb changer and a multi-tool device built in to a key. Even though it isn’t my normal fare, it was a fun show.

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