World of Warcraft-branded Dell laptop: Start saving your gold now


While I am technically a Mac guy, I would only be 80 percent embarrassed to be seen with this Dell XPS 1730. And yes, that’s strictly because it has World of Warcraft graphics on it. The laptop, which is set for release on December 11, comes in either Horde or Alliance colors and includes several WoW extras, including a complete copy of Burning Crusade, strategy guides and a special account that gives access to a unique in-game pet. Oh, and you can redeem a coupon to get an action figure of your toon. Hot stuff, just with a $4,500 price tag.

What does the packaging look like?


So aside from an amazing overcoat, I’d like to put this on my list of Christmas wants.

Dell Unveils WoW-Themed XPS Laptops [Kotaku]