I-Doser: How does this thing work? I want to float!


On What.cd? yesterday, a freeleech torrent was uploaded containing a bunch of I-Doser FLACs. Now, call me ignorant or whatever, but how do I get these things to work reliably? I tried following the directions as best as I could—turn the lights out, relax, have a good pair of headphones, etc.—but I simply couldn’t get anything to happen. I tried the Lucid Dream and Hand of God (in honor of Diego Maradona, of course) and the only thing that “happened” is I got angry at myself for thinking anything would happen.

For the unfamiliar, I-Doser is a program (nothing more than a set of sound files) that use something called binaural sound waves to “trick” your brain into thinking it’s in an altered state like drunk, on DMT, high, etc. It’s harmless.

So if anyone knows how to make these things “work,” whatever that ends up meaning, please let me know.