CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Xbox 360 Elite, HD DVD player


As if you didn’t see this one coming, folks. For the holidays I’m recommending the Xbox 360 Elite and the HD DVD player add-on. The Xbox 360 is hands down the best on the market. The titles are all there and a 120GB drive ensures you’ll have plenty of room for extra content. The matte black finish alone is worth the extra dough. And the PS3 stinks! Well, not really, but I have an Elite so that’s why I’m recommending it.

hd-dvd-drive.jpgThe HD DVD player is just an added bonus for those of you who have an HDTV and may already own an Xbox. Setup is easy and the extras on HD DVD discs are pretty neat to play around with. You’re already on Live, which means you’re connected to the Web so it only makes sense that you’ll be accessing the extras. I only watch Transformers anyway. Megan Fox is HAWT in HD.